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Survey FAQs

  1. Question: What assurance do we have that our data will be kept completely confidential and not be used for any purpose other than the survey?

    Answer: Other than the firm`s data being included in the aggregate survey data and such aggregate data being used to talk about trends in the legal industry  in written and oral presentations by LawFirmKPI, Inc., your individual data will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of the survey.

    Our Confidentiality Policy provides written confirmation of this assurance.

  2. Question: We have an operating company that handles payments for equipment and staff, and it charges a 15% markup to the firm. How do we deal with that when completing operating cost information for the survey?

    Answer: Exclude the management fee from the Service Co./ Management Co. when entering your costs, so we have “apples-to-apples” data on the expenses as a percentage of revenues.

  3. Question: What if we are unable to provide a particular piece of data that is requested in the survey?

    Answer: Leave the line blank.

    • Your numbers won't be included in the population used to determine Strongest, Median, Average, and Weakest points for that particular piece.

    • The graph on your Report for the KPI(s) calculated from that piece of information also will be blank when it comes to Firm but will still show the other four data points.

    NOTE: If the answer is zero, then enter the number zero (0) and that will be used in the calculation.

  4. Question: What if my firm doesn't break out some of the items making up a data total?

    Answer: Place a zero (0) in the boxes for which you don't have data separated out. For example, if in the Schedule of Fees Billed you break out Partners and Associates, but all other timekeepers are lumped together as a group in your firm's reporting, then insert zero (0) in the Counsel, Contract Lawyers, etc. fields.

    Return to Process.

  5. Question: Our firm uses a management company to charge back expenses to the law firm, what do we do with the management fee?

    Answer: Exclude the management fee from the expense numbers you report in the Survey as the management fee is just an alternative method for distributing the profits and the Survey is comparing the actual expenses of the firms before any profit distribution.

  6. Question: We have several offices and so should we complete a Survey for each one?

    Answer: No the numbers you submit should be the aggregate totals for the firm and not on an individual office basis. If you are interested in a special report that would provide the KPI we report about on an office-by-office basis please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to work with you to understand your needs and accommodate them to the extent possible.


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