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Putting your firm’s experiences in the context of the wider legal marketplace—and specifically firms that are similar in size, locale and practice type—is critical to successfully navigating through the challenging financial times faced by small and midsize firms. That’s why LawFirm KPI™ encourages you to participate in the 2016 survey—so you get the performance and financial benchmarks you need to effectively measure, adjust and succeed.

The cost per firm to participate in our 2016 KPI Survey is FREE and you will receive a full report for participating.

The value you will receive is immense. Each participating firm receives a detailed report presenting its key performance indicators alongside the KPIs for the group of participating firms—in an actionable report format designed to be read and understood by lawyers.

As a result of the staggered timing of when firms enter their data, all participating firms will receive a free updated version of the survey each time 10 or more firms have submitted their data.

Plus, we have taken additional steps to maximize the report’s benefits and our collaborative approach continues to grow as we build competitive benchmarking that is truly relevant for small and midsize firms.

If there are specific firms that your firm would like to see in the data, let us know and we will contact them to discuss the survey’s benefits and do everything in our power to get them into the group.

Your Feedback

You have told us that the Survey will be of higher value with increased participation. We listened.  We believe that this change in approach will encourage more firms to participate thus enhancing the validity  of the results.

For firms not participating in the survey but wishing to avail themselves of the data, a non-firm specific summary report will be available for them to purchase.

The approach to securing an individual password to access the input screens remains unchanged. Please contact Kimberley Brady at (416) 315-3014 or

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