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Law firms of all sizes should regularly track performance indicators of one type or another. But for many mid-sized, small and boutique firms, their only benchmark is their own past experience—especially since there’s little to no external benchmarking information for firms of their size. LawFirmKPI™ changes that.

The LawFirmKPI Survey is specifically designed to provide firms with the industry information needed to benchmark their performance against the performance of other firms in this market.

As a survey participant, your firm receives a LawFirmKPI Report giving you a detailed summary of your key performance indicators (KPIs) and how you compare with firms that are similar in practice area, size and location. Plus, with each survey we provide a one-hour debrief with your firm's leadership where we will answer questions regarding your report’s contents and discuss ideas for next year's planning.

The result is competitive intelligence to help you measure progress toward your goals, so you can adjust where needed to succeed in your market.

Review our sample reports for a fuller understanding of the value your firm receives for the price. Then you can follow through to the survey process to continue. Participation is easy and confidential.

Your Feedback

You have told us that the Survey will be of higher value with increased participation. We listened.

Firms are invited to input data at no charge. In return, as an incentive, we will provide you with your results for 5 of the 26 key performance indicators contained in the full report. You may request a full report unique to your firm at any point in the year and only then will you be invoiced.

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