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"Our firm has been participating in the KPI survey for the last 3 years. Our ability to benchmark against our peers in the legal profession has proven invaluable to the managed growth of our firm. With the KPI survey data we have been able to both create a dashboard which we now use in an ongoing manner to monitor our progress in improving KPI critical to our firm's success as well as identify other areas for future improvement."

Michael G. Sherrard, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

"Excellent!  I really like this online format.  The ability to save as you go is wonderful."

Aaron Munro, Accounting Manager, Robertson Stromberg

"The LawFirmKPI Survey is a structured opportunity to completely review financial performance for the year, and then to hold it up to the mirror of other Firms’ performances. The result is assurance in areas that are strong, and an additional impetus to improve in areas that could benefit from attention or change. We will definitely participate again this year."

Sandra Dawe, Managing Partner, Shibley Righton LLP

"Having current benchmarks is a considerable asset when budgeting and planning.  We see great value in the survey and want to support the development of Canadian benchmarks.  We are excited about participating in 2012."

Debbie Tibbo, General Manager, MacIntosh, MacDonnell & MacDonald

"The LawFirmKPI Survey will give a Firm an insight into how they stack up versus other firms. While you need to be careful interpreting the data, you can get a sense of how you are doing."

Larry R. Butler, CMA, Chief Adminstrative Officer, Field LLP


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