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LawFirmKPI™, Inc., is committed to building meaningful metrics that assist in the management of law firms. Through our surveys, reports and a debrief with one of our team members and your firm's leaders, we give firms the information to make informed decisions and adjustments in direction.

The unique linchpin in what we provide comes through undertaking surveys of key performance indicators (KPIs) for firms with up to 100 lawyers—a demographic that has been much in need of external benchmarking data. We help these firms focus on the indicators that measure progress toward their goals and help measure their performance against similar firms.

The end-result? An enhanced capacity to measure success and adjust course where required.



LawFirmKPI™ is a wholly owned subsidary of:

Applied Strategies

Develops practical solutions for the business challenges faced by law firms, with a core focus on strategic tactics, organizational development, financial analysis, and crisis management.
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